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Digital marketing strategy - from the ground-up transition to a new source of clients

Executive Summary

Winged IT logotype

Winged IT, a professional service firm, faced the challenge of transitioning from traditional trade show-based marketing to a robust digital strategy. Partnering with GrowMy.Tech, they implemented a comprehensive digital marketing plan that led to substantial improvements in inbound leads, search visibility, and overall marketing proficiency. This case study explores how this transformation was achieved, what were the results that followed and what was the role of fractional CMO in the project.





Marcin Małaszuk



Winged IT: IT Recruitment and Staff Augmentation Firm

Winged IT delivers top IT talents to technological companies in flexible models, which means IT recruitment, IT staff augmentation, and even creating IT branchs in Poland with soft-landing services. They are active in promoting Polish developers and Poland internationally, too. They do it personally or through the dedicated portal Do IT in Poland.

Winged IT has historically relied on personal relationships, referrals, and trade shows to build its business. They have cultivated a strong client base, particularly in the Global North, through face-to-face interactions at leading worldwide trade shows like Smart Tech Korea, AI & Big Data Expo North America, Women in Tech Boston, Collision, or Websummit to name a few.

The strong focus on the events resulted in year-to-year growth and commercial presence worldwide, even in Japan. The flexibility of cooperation models plus all the value-added services Winged IT offered to the clients made them a long-term professional service provider for international firms.

The Challange

While Winged IT excelled in building personal relationships through trade shows, this approach had a drawback. The company was not as active in digital marketing, which limited their ability to attract new clients online. Their primary challenge was to improve their digital marketing presence and transform it into a powerful channel for new business generation.

Winged IT's team and booth at the trade show.

Client's Requirements:

Winged IT needed someone who could deep dive into the company's situation and quickly develop and implement an effective digital marketing strategy from the ground up. The company required someone who understands the unique dynamics of IT business, and takes overall responsibility for all marketing activities.

The Client sought the help of an experienced executive with a proven track record and numerous industry case studies.

At the same time, they wanted to avoid the lengthy and costly recruitment process for a full-time marketing manager and required a solution that could be adjusted to their resources and needs.

Impossible? :)

Book a free one-hour meeting to discuss your needs and to check how GrowMy.Tech can help your business grow.

The Solution

To address requirements and challenges, Winged IT partnered with GrowMy.Tech, a digital marketing consultancy specializing in B2B marketing for IT companies.

A fractional marketing manager service from GrowMy.Tech was the perfect fit to meet these requirements and take overall responsibility for all marketing activities.

The solution involved a multi-faceted approach:

Deep-Dive Business Analysis

The initial phase focused on understanding Winged IT's business, including:

An on premise workshop about B2B Marketing for IT Firms for Winged IT led by Marcin Małaszuk from Growmy.Tech

Strategy Development

Based on the insights gained, GrowMy.Tech developed a comprehensive strategy for the upcoming year. The strategy aimed to:

  • Address the full customer journey of potential clients

  • Launch the most effective and least time-consuming activities first; with the lowest-hanging fruits first

  • Secure the company's inbound leads by targeting clients at the advanced consideration and decision-making stages

  • Focus on positioning, authority, and brand-building

Niche & Market Focus

The strategy emphasized focusing on a niche market—presenting Winged IT as a leader in recruitment for the tech industry in the United States. This involved a mix of tactics, including social proof marketing, SEO, content marketing, social media, performance marketing, and outbound marketing.

Winged IT as a leader in recruitment for the tech industry in the United States

Implementation and Cooperation Model

The cooperation model evolved over time, adapting to the project's needs:

  1. Conceptual Work: GrowMy.Tech conducted analysis, research, and built recommendations.

  2. Collaboration: Close cooperation during onboarding, knowledge transfer, and plan alignment.

  3. Internal Team Involvement: Winged IT's internal marketing team participated when possible to build knowledge and leverage resources.

  4. Specialist Support: GrowMy.Tech provided specialists in graphic design, web development, SEO, copywriting, and performance marketing.

  5. Fractional CMO Leadership: A Fractional CMO oversaw the entire process, ensuring clear communication, plan execution, and problem-solving.


The partnership between Winged IT and GrowMy.Tech yielded impressive results:

Inbound Leads

Winged IT began receiving inbound leads by the fifth month of cooperation, with a consistent and increasing number of leads month-to-month.

Search Visibility in the USA

The company improved its communication and set the foundation for positioning in the target market. This resulted in:

  • 5 target keywords in Top 10 rankings in SERP

  • 19 target keywords in Top 11-30 rankings in SERP

These achievements were the result of diligent content marketing, SEO, and backlinking efforts.

Results of positioning Winged IT website to be visible especially for US based clients.

It is important to note that the positioning resulted from strategic website planning and the development of well-positioned service pages. The continuation of the work will definitely bring great results for the Client. 

Enhanced Website

A new website was developed to increase the effectiveness of other marketing tactics. This holistic approach to sales and marketing translated business offers into a clear, structured, and modern website.

GrowMy.Tech delivered the project from A to Z working on WordPress templates, from the very beginning the the website deployment.

Strategy, Frameworks, and Processes

By the end of the cooperation, Winged IT was equipped with a commercial strategy, processes, and frameworks that ensured the deliverability of social proof marketing, content marketing, and SEO.

Organizational Readiness

One of the most valuable outcomes was the organization's leap in marketing professionalism. 

With business goals, a strategy to achieve them, and a clear understanding of required resources, scope, and skills, Winged IT leadership was ready to hire its first full-time marketing manager. The new hire took over the responsibilities from the Fractional CMO.

Winged IT team at the session for a new website

The recommendations and work done by Grow My Tech, provided results that are best shown on numbers:


The collaboration between Winged IT and GrowMy.Tech demonstrates the power of a custom and well-executed digital marketing strategy. By transitioning from traditional trade show marketing to a comprehensive digital approach, Winged IT not only improved its inbound leads and search visibility but also enhanced its organizational readiness for digital marketing.


Wiktor Tarnawski,
CEO @ Winged IT

The company looks much better than last year. It has strong foundations to develop various marketing channels. We are equipped for further actions, well-positioned with key keywords, and analyzed competition. We are performing much better than a year ago, and ‘IT recruiting Poland’ ranks high in Google searches.

Looking ahead, Winged IT is well-positioned to continue leveraging digital marketing to drive business growth. The partnership with GrowMy.Tech has laid a solid foundation for future success, and the ongoing relationship promises continued innovation and improvement.

Ready to transform your digital marketing strategy? Book a demo with GrowMy.Tech today and discover how we can help your business thrive in the digital age.

Book a free one-hour meeting to discuss your needs and to check how GrowMy.Tech can help your business grow.

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