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Our Vision, Mission & Values

Companies are people. Full stop. 

To deliver the best possible results to our clients we put our team in the first place. The team that shares the company's values and direction.


a vision 

Who we want to become

We are building an organization that enables innovative and promising tech companies to transform from small local ventures into internationally established brands.

We do so by planning and launching effective marketing, business development and sales strategies for our clients.

Cooperation with Grow My Tech is a desired passport to commercial success. 

a mission 

Who we are, what we do

We at Grow My Tech love working with visionaries, passionates and innovators who shape local and global environments. We aim to enable their potential for success. 

Grow My Tech helps software development companies and B2B technology startups to scale up their organisations by delivering consultancy and outsourcing services in the areas: 

  • company strategy, 

  • international expansion, business development, 

  • sales and marketing. 

We act according to our values and perceive them as competitive advantages.

We do our best to deliver well thought and professional service based on tested and innovative methods, tactics and tools.   

Core values

The act of conduct towards team mates and clients

Always think about the big picture

We work having main goals in mind. This philosophy makes our choices more manageable and keeps tools, methodologies, opportunities and tactics a means to deliver measurable results.

Be reliable

We are realistic when making commitments and open in communication when all goes according to the plan and when we experience problems. Most of us like surprises in our private lives, but in business, we try to be transparent as much as possible.

Be ethical

Whatever we do is ok with ourselves and let us proudly look in the mirror every day.

We are not perfect.

Whatever we do is ok with ourselves and let us proudly look in the mirror every day.

Be and act like owners

Every business process and specialization is a part of something bigger. Whatever we do we take ownership and responsibility aiming to deliver the best possible results we can. We are professional and aware of our impact on others.

Be a leader by innovation

We pay attention to being close to new technologies, solutions and people who drive them. We are open to the new. We are not afraid to test and try.

Give and expect respect

Everyone is an individual who has their own opinion, personality and values. None of those shall be subject to disrespect and mistreatment. At the same time, we remember to keep our individualism and not be offensive to others. Balance and common sense is the key. This is what we guarantee and expect from our colleagues and clients.

Meet The Team


Marcin Małaszuk

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Fractional CMO & Consultant


Marcin Mikos

  • LinkedIn

Graphic Designer & Web Developer

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Hanna Florkiewicz

  • LinkedIn

Google & LinkedIn Ads Expert


Jacek Pyziak

  • LinkedIn

SEO Expert & Web Developer

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join our team or become a partner

We are always open to people who envision themselves as a part of
the Grow My Tech team. 
When you see opportunities for cooperation, write a message in the form below: 

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