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Maximize Your Growth with CMO Experienced in Software Development & IT Business

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Dear business builder, 

Are you a founder tired of guessing your way through marketing strategies, eager to professionalize your approach to commercialization, yet not quite ready to invest in a full-time experienced marketing manager?

Discover the game-changing approach of Fractional Chief Marketing Officer Services, tailored exclusively for tech companies and software development firms.

Ready to Empower Your Business Growth?

For tech startups, CEOs, CTOs, and owners of small tech businesses, our Fractional CMO services are an unparalleled asset. It's time to propel your company forward with strategic marketing leadership shaped around your unique challenges and overall business objectives.

What is a Fractional CMO Service?

A Fractional CMO is a seasoned marketing executive who provides their expertise on a part-time basis,

bringing immediate domain experience and industry knowledge to your company.

This role offers the organisational skills and best practices needed to accelerate your growth.

A Fractional CMO adapts solutions to fit your company's current capabilities, ensuring readiness for implementation.

When your tech firm needs senior marketing leadership but isn't prepared to hire a full-time CMO, opting for a Fractional CMO is a strategic decision.

This approach delivers tangible results, avoids overspending, and eliminates the lengthy recruitment process.

Top 6 Characteristics of Our Fractional CMO Services

👉 Cost-Effective Solution - High-level expertise without the full-time expense

👉 Flexibility and Scalability - Adaptable to your company's changing needs

👉 Results-Driven Approach - Focused on tangible growth, key performance indicators (KPI) and ROI

👉 Deep Tech Industry Knowledge - Expertise specific to B2B technology markets.

👉 Customised service - the level of engagement is adjusted to your business needs, your budget and time.

👉 Strategic Visionary Leadership - Steering towards long-term success applying strategies and marketing tactics right for your company

For whom is Fractional CMO Service

👉 CEOs Overwhelmed by a Multitude of Tasks.

👉 CEOs willing to Focused on Strategic Growth.

👉 Established Companies Entering New Markets.

👉 Companies Requiring a Rebrand or Revitalization.

👉 Tech Firms Without a Dedicated B2B Marketing Leader.

👉 Software Development Companies willing to stand out from the crowd. 

Why Choose Fractional CMO Services?

With our Fractional CMO Service, you gain access to the expertise and experience of a chief marketing officer without the full-time executive price tag.

It's the perfect solution for IT companies, tech startups, and small tech business owners who need top-level marketing strategy development based on industry knowledge and implementation but want to maintain agile operations and budget efficiency.

When to hire a Fractional CMO?

Need to learn and understand

Feel not ready or missing knowhow to build impactful marketing strategies your own.

Need the right strategy

Need to do ground and fundamental work with business objectives and marketing strategy.

Find a niche

When you want to define a niche for your services, build value-added services, and increase margins.

Need to delegate

When you must and you are ready to delegate your commercial activities.

Need business-sparing partner

Need to clarify or define your target audience, ICP, value proposition, offer, strategy, goals

Senior skills and business approach

Need marketing executive with senior skills and approach within the growth and marketing initiatives

Feel overwhelmed

When you feel overwhelmed with work and feel you are in a vicious circle.

Not ready for FTE investment

Have no in-house marketing team to go full-scale marketing efforts. Start with lower involvement.

Need to speed up

When you feel that you are not pushing your company forward.

You get business done with no excuses:

Do not wait any more… 

👉 You get executive know-how transfer!

👉 You get the strategy!

👉 You get the implementation!

👉 You get things done!

👉 You get the results!


First thing was a detailed audit and analysis that resulted in our strategic decisions. Once having that sorted out, Marcin took over communication planning, content and new website planning with management and execution.
It is like having a marketing manager without investing in full FTE.

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Sebastian Horoszko
Co-founder @

How many hours will a fractional CMO work on your project?

Hiring a fractional CMO means bringing an experienced marketing leader onto your team for

40 to 60 hours a month.

This amount is ideal for small companies managing their marketing efforts, striking the perfect balance between expertise and efficiency.

This ensures that your company benefits from high-level strategies without the risk of overspending, engaging in unnecessary extra activities, or the CMO feeling underutilized.


It's a targeted approach to leveraging executive marketing leadership efficiently.


Less is more. 

Mateusz bez ret.png

Mateusz Mach
Founder @ Nextrope

Our goal for the cooperation was to optimize the marketing and sales strategy for the entire organization.


The Grow My Tech team's know-how about the software development space and the use of this know-how in the company strategy was impressive.

What is Fractional CMO scope of work?

Fractional CMO focuses on identifying quick wins that generate leads and ensure business stability, while also laying the foundation for long-term and sustainable development.

It is a beginning for your in-house or outsourced marketing department.

The areas we will cover include:

👉 Content Marketing

👉 Rate & Review and Social Proof Marketing


👉 Communication 

👉 LinkedIn Marketing

👉 Google Ads & Linkedin Ads

👉 Website Development

👉 Outbound & Lead Generation

All tailored to set your marketing efforts on a trajectory of success.

Our Approach and Process. What you can expect? 


Be quick! Do it before your competition do it. 

The process is divided into four main stages: 


On B2B Sales and Marketing in Software Development Company


Your Company's and Your Commercial Activities Analysis and Audit 

Crafting Strategy

Build Long and Short Term Goals and Road Map for Your Company


Implement the Strategy with Help of Consultant or Outsource Tasks

The process is flexible, and we adjust it to your company's needs and situation.  


Implement the Strategy with Help of Fractional CMO who will deliver the results with help of GrowMy.Tech team or build and manage your in house team.

We understand YOUR BUSINESSFrom practice. Not theory. We worked with other service providers in the software development business as insiders, consultants and clients. 


We specialise in building and implementing marketing and sales strategies in software & IT companies. Only. 100% of projects.


We have already done what you need to do next. 

What are the conditions for our cooperation?

We are constantly building GrowMy.Tech, an organization that enables innovative and promising tech companies to transform from small local ventures into internationally established brands. This is what we mean and what we do.

We act according to Our Values both towards team mates, clients and we expect the same in return:

✅ Always think about the big picture

✅ Be and act like owners

✅ Be reliable

✅ Be a leader by innovation

✅ Be ethical

✅ Give and expect respect

✅ We are not perfect.

We strongly advise you to read our Mission, Vision, and Values in detail to check if we are a good match for you and we are a good match.

100% experience in B2B Marketing, Tech Industry, Software Development and SaaS

At GrowMy.Tech, our specialization lies squarely within the tech and B2B sectors. With years of accumulated experience and a deep understanding of these industries, we find both challenge and enjoyment in fostering growth for businesses within this niche.

We have helped to plan, start and execute marketing and sales strategies for demanding software companies:

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🚀 Custom software development companies.

🚀 Python software development company.

🚀 Blockchain and crypto companies.


🚀 B2B software companies.

What Our Clients Say

Mateusz Mach, Founder @ Nextrope


Our goal for the cooperation was to optimize the marketing and sales strategy for the entire organization.


The Grow My Tech team's know-how about the software development space and the use of this know-how in the company strategy was impressive.

Getting Started

How to engage with our services do following steps:

👉 Read this page

👉 Read how our process looks like

👉 Read Consulting page to learn about other possibilities

👉 Read Case Studies on how GrowMy.Tech helped other IT clients.

👉 Book a discovery call.

👉 Answer pre-meeting questionnaire you will receive.

👉 Meet with us to discuss your situation and figure the best solution for you.

Book a free 45-min meeting to discuss your needs and to check how GrowMy.Tech can help your business grow.

Frequently asked questions:

How long should a fractional CMO work with us?

The duration of engagement with a fractional CMO can vary based on your specific needs and objectives. Typically, engagements span from a few months to over a year. Our goal is to align with your growth phases and marketing goals, providing flexibility to scale up or down as required. Within the cooperation period, our clients gain fundamentals and reach momentum to hire full-time managers. There are situations when we continue with the clients for an undefined period, outsourcing the whole marketing department. This is when the client is not interested in building an in-house marketing team.

When is the best time to start cooperation with a fractional CMO?

The ideal time to initiate cooperation with a fractional CMO is as soon as possible. Given that competition never sleeps and your list of ongoing tasks will continually evolve, waiting for a "better time" to enhance or initiate your marketing efforts is a common misconception. The truth is, that time never comes. Starting earlier allows you to benefit from our service designed specifically for clients like you, who face time constraints and require efficient, self-sustaining marketing solutions. Our service is crafted to operate independently with minimal engagement from your side, ensuring you can focus on other critical aspects of your business while we handle the marketing. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll see positive outcomes, making it a wise decision to engage with us at your earliest convenience.

When is the right time to conclude our work with a fractional CMO?

The decision to conclude your partnership with a fractional CMO typically aligns with your readiness to hire a full-time marketing manager. This transition is often marked by clear signals such as your willingness to increase the marketing budget significantly, a desire to scale marketing activities, and a readiness to invest more time and resources into the department. These signs indicate a level of growth and stability within your business that merits the shift towards in-house management. Understanding when you've reached this point comes naturally. It is an outcome of the strategic groundwork laid and the insights gained from your collaboration with a fractional CMO. Spotting this moment is usually straightforward, signaling that your business has evolved to a new level of operational maturity.

What is the price for the fractional CMO services?

The precise cost of engaging with a fractional CMO is a subject of individual agreements, reflecting the bespoke nature of the services tailored to each client's specific needs and goals. Generally, the price range for these specialized marketing management services falls between $2,000 and $4,000. This variance accounts for differences in scope, duration, and the particular expertise required to achieve your business objectives. Our approach to pricing ensures you receive value-driven solutions that are in harmony with your financial planning and business growth strategy.

Is the engagement with a fractional CMO a fixed long-term commitment?

The engagement model for a fractional CMO is designed with flexibility at its core to best serve the dynamism of small to medium-sized businesses. Clients have the convenience to scale services up or down on a monthly basis, adapting to their evolving needs and market demands. If circumstances necessitate ending the partnership, it can be terminated with just a month's notice, offering peace of mind and operational agility. However, it is important to note that there is a minimal monthly payment, which is agreed upon individually. This model ensures that businesses can enjoy the benefits of expert marketing guidance with the flexibility to adjust as their needs change.

When can I expect to see the first results from working with a fractional CMO?

Usually, the initial one to two months of engagement with a fractional CMO are dedicated to building a solid foundation through strategy development, comprehensive audits, and conducting workshops. These initial steps are critical for aligning the marketing efforts with the core objectives of your business. The implementation of the first marketing campaigns typically occurs in the third month. Once these campaigns are live, the results can often be observed immediately, showcasing the impact of strategic planning and targeted marketing initiatives. This phased approach ensures that every action taken is deliberate and geared towards long-term success.

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