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Solutions & frameworks for business challenges in IT service & tech firms

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Marketing Solutions are frameworks and tactics that we implement to help you achieve particular business goals or tackle challenges you face. 

B2B Marketing Solution is a holistic approach to your company's needs. In Marketing Solutions we asses your resources, strengths and goals, we mix it with our knowhow and customised digital marketing services to deliver desired results.

The Strategic Marketing Solutions:

100% experience in B2B Marketing, Tech Industry, Software Development and SaaS

At GrowMy.Tech, our specialization lies squarely within the tech and B2B sectors. With years of accumulated experience and a deep understanding of these industries, we find both challenge and enjoyment in fostering growth for businesses within this niche.

We look at your business horizontally; only this approach can deliver value...

Are you looking for a growth and marketing specialists who understands the intricacies of your business and has a proven track record. That's where we come in. Our clients choose us because we bring a holistic approach to marketing strategy — a methodology that consistently delivers tangible results and facilitates business growth.

From enhancing customer experiences and identifying profitable niches, to architecting go-to-market strategies and bolstering sales, we're committed to your business growth.

Our expertise also extends to facilitating your successful international expansion. With our client-centric approach, your unique needs and goals are at the heart of every solution we provide.

So, what are your goals today? 

Find a Niche

Discover the Power of Specialization: To Build Marketing & Sales that Works.

This strategic tool has the potential to unleash unprecedented growth in your marketing and sales, propelling your business to new heights. Successful Companies of all sizes and maturity stages leverage this tactic.

Start Your Marketing from Ground Up

Craft a tailored marketing strategy to get leads and drive long term growth.

Starting from scratch, our approach helps you identify your marketing budget, tailoring strategies for organic growth. We focus on building a foundation that scales with your business, ensuring low-hanging fruits first but developing long-term success as well.

Build Go-To-Market Strategy

Ace Your Entry Building a Successful Go-to-Market Strategy with Our Expertise.

We Start Your Marketing whatever your situation and position is today. We Treat your desired market as the goal to achieve in wise way, low-hanging fruits first, long term actions later. Get results fast but think about big picture and long run.

International Expansion

Open yourself to international opportunities and scale up.

The solutions open doors to greater profit margins and market expansion. It's not a step taken in haste, but a premeditated move, effectively executed by an experienced team for optimal results.

Increas Sales and Get New Business

Boost Your Business: Empowering Sales and New Business Acquisition.

In today's digitized world, astute marketing can drive more sales than traditional salesmanship. Our strategic selection of tactics and channels, specifically tailored for software development businesses, leads to remarkable growth in sales and new client acquisitions.

Work on Customer Journey

To Put your customer in the centre of your company to sell more and better.

The approach is designed to align your marketing, communication, and sales with your client's buying process. By focusing on your client's needs, we increase your chances of commercial success. We prioritize answering client questions, building trust, managing objections, and creating effective buying and sales enablement materials.

The Strategic Marketing Solutions:

Our Strategic Marketing Solutions: a curated blend of proven frameworks and innovative tactics, all tailored to your unique needs, objectives, and resources. Our holistic approach encompasses a wide array of strategies:


👉 Persuasive Communication: We articulate your value proposition effectively.

👉 Content Marketing: Engaging content that resonates with your audience.

👉 SEO & PPC: Increase your visibility and reach with search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising.

👉 Social Media: Crafting compelling narratives on platforms that matter to your audience.

👉 Rate & Review: Harness the power of customer feedback to enhance trust and credibility.

👉 Marketing Automation & Email Marketing: Personalized, automated touchpoints to nurture leads and boost conversion rates.


Ideal Customer Profile & Buyer Persona: Understanding your ideal customer to tailor communication effectively.

Business Model Canvas: A strategic blueprint of your business to identify areas of growth and improvement.

Competitor Analysis & Porter's Five Forces: Comprehensive market insights to stay ahead of the competition.

Value Proposition Canvas & Customer Journey: Mapping out customer interactions to deliver superior value.

SWOT Analysis: Identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to leverage your competitive edge.

We develop a marketing mix that is not just a one-size-fits-all solution, but a strategic roadmap to your business growth.

How the Cooperation Process Looks Like?

At GrowMy.Tech, we believe that the best results stem from partnerships built on trust and transparency. We're in the business of elevating your business, and to do that, we need to fully understand what makes you stand out from the competition. This process allows us to craft a compelling narrative to convince potential clients why they should choose you over others.

Here's a step-by-step look at our cooperation process:

🎓 The Workshop: This is where we delve into the world of digital marketing methodologies and tools, giving you a clear understanding of the investment needed and the potential results.*

🔬 The Audit: We conduct a comprehensive interview and use analytical tools for a thorough assessment of your company.

🧠 The Strategy: We brainstorm and plan a cross-channel strategy based on your preferred initial channel. This strategy will focus on quick wins (the "low hanging fruit") as well as effective long-term tactics.

🚀 The Execution: Upon alignment, we get to work, following the plan and timeline we've established together.


Please note that post-audit, we may recommend discontinuing a particular campaign or suggest other actions. While we respect your final decision, we won't take on projects with showstoppers or visible risks that need addressing before we begin a campaign. Our approach is simple — when you succeed, we succeed.

* We specialize in marketing strategies for IT companies, and we want to ensure that we're on the same page. This workshop is a mandatory step for those seeking long-term partnerships and strategic marketing solutions.


Be quick! Do it before your competition do it. 

After assessment of your business needs and situation, we recommend selected campaigns or crosfunctional strategies. However, you can expect that we will recommend applicable tactics from list below:

Content Marketing

Rate & Review and Social Proof Marketing


Website Development


PPC / Performance Marketing

LinkedIn & Social Media

Outbound & Lead Generation

What Our Clients Say

Mateusz Mach, Founder @ Nextrope


Our goal for the cooperation was to optimize the marketing and sales strategy for the entire organization.


The Grow My Tech team's know-how about the software development space and the use of this know-how in the company strategy was impressive.

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