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View on a skyline of Warsaw from Praga perspective with National Stadium in the front. GrowMy.Tech headquarters.


All you need to get results fast. For IT Service & SaaS Firms in B2B

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We are a one-stop shop for SMALL IT Service Companies operating in the B2B market that need to build or improve their marketing and sales.

Who We Serve

CEOs, Owners, in Small Tech Companies

Running a small tech business comes with its own set of challenges. Delegate and outsource. Get a sparring partner and advisor when building your marketing fundamentals. 

 CMOs and Marketing Managers in Software Development Companies

As a CMO or marketing manager of a software development company, you understand the importance of strategic marketing. Let us collaborate to elevate your marketing efforts and drive impactful results.

What we do

B2B Marketing & Growth in highly flexible and customised models of cooperation

Our services are flexible and customised to your current needs, evolving with your growth to deliver results throughout your journey.

Gain access to top-tier marketing expertise without the commitment of a full-time hire.

From SEO to Lead Generation, we've got your digital marketing needs covered.

Strategic guidance and support to empower your marketing initiatives.

Get help with specific business challenges like building a niche or international expansion.

Horizontal approach to your company growth makes consistent and cohesive marketing and sales.

We work in a way to make all tactics and campaigns add up and create a consistent growth machine. 
We add just enough tactics to avoid overcomplicating, making our approach simple yet comprehensive. 

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Mateusz Mach
Founder @ Nextrope

Our goal for the cooperation was to optimize the marketing and sales strategy for the entire organization.


The Grow My Tech team's know-how about the tech space and the use of this know-how in the company strategy was impressive.

In case you need a surgeon-like, one-point-at-a-time approach:

  • Content Marketing

  • Rate & Review and Social Proof

  • SEO

  • Communication

  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Google & LinkedIn Ads

  • Website Development

  • Outbound / Lead Generation

First thing was a detailed audit and analysis that resulted in our strategic decisions. Once having that sorted out, Marcin took over communication planning, content and new website planning with management and execution.
It is like having a marketing manager without investing in full FTE.

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Sebastian Horoszko
Co-founder @

In case you need to address one particular business need:

  • Find a Niche: Identify and target the right market segments for your business.

  • Build Go-To-Market Strategy: Develop a robust strategy to launch and promote your products/services effectively.

  • Work on Customer Journey: Enhance customer experience and drive brand loyalty.

  • International Expansion: Unlock new markets and opportunities for growth.

  • Increase Your Sales and Get New Business: Implement strategies to boost your sales pipeline.

  • Start Your Marketing from Ground Up: Whether you're starting fresh or revamping existing strategies, we've got your back

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why to choose us

With 100% experience in B2B marketing, tech industry, software development, and SaaS, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table

We specialize in marketing for B2B service companies in the tech industry, providing a flexible approach and tailored services for small tech businesses.

Let's talk and figure it out. There is a high probability that I have already tackled your challenges. 
I am a seasoned manager with experience and understanding of early-stage and small businesses. Fields of my particular interest and focus are Strategy, Marketing, Product, Services & Business Development for B2B companies. The experience stems from seven years of running two tech startups, working in a core team of a custom software development agency and from networking with peers from the tech community. ​


Book a free 45-minute meeting to discuss your needs and to check how GrowMy.Tech can help your business grow.

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Oleksii Babachenko Lead Business Analyst @ SoftServe

Marcin did a great job to consult us in digitalising logistics process within a product discovery workshop, drive proper conversation with business stakeholders, define business and optimal solution. They helped to understand how we can bring value to the client using the analytical platform.

everything is fine. now. show me examples in case studies. 

Click to learn more about my marketing and sales experience in custom software development and B2B startups domain.  

Have questions? 
Write to us

Trusted by:
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