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We make software development companies grow
a lot easier. With marketing and sales strategies.

Check us in action! No risk on your side!

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We help you start your marketing and sales or go international by following a complete consulting model, during which our team-member join your company to help you craft the most effective strategy.  

The service is designed so that you understand B2B marketing and sales processes and you are equipped with tools to assess and measure applied tactics.

If you feel familiar with the following statements, it means the service is dedicated to you: 

👉 Founders who want to get their businesses to the safe side of the river. 

👉 Founders who are ready to internationalise their business. 

👉 Founders who are prepared to scale up their business.

👉 Founders ready to build a specialisation of their company. 

👉 Custom software development companies and software service providers. 

👉 Companies with a team of 15 to 50 people in your development team. 

👉 Companies with a marketing specialist on board; who, with our support and guidance, will drive the changes.

👉 Companies ready to communicate and work in English with their new clients. 

👉 Companies prepared for building a specialisation. 

Read about the stages to learn what
 you can expect. 

The process is divided into four main stages: 


On B2B Sales and Marketing in Software Development Company


Your Company's and Your Commercial Activities Analysis and Audit 

Crafting Strategy

Build Long and Short Term Goals and Road Map for Your Company


Implement the Strategy with Help of Consultant or Outsource Tasks

The process is flexible, and we adjust it to your company's needs and situation.  

The fast lane to no bull s#IT knowledge
The Workshop on B2B Sales and Marketing in Software Development Company

Fully packed with actionable insights about B2B Sales and Marketing in Software Development Companies! 

All you need at the executive level. 

Two sessions. Eight hours of the workshop. We will go through B2B marketing to present an executive overview of the B2B growth landscape. 


It is essential to align you and GrowMy.Tech are on the same page regarding understanding a cause-and-effect sequence of strategies and tactics. 

You will learn the following:

  • non-obvious characteristics of B2B Sales & Marketing.

  • what is the mastermind your service providers and your team should possess?

  • types of KPIs, and when to apply them.

  • how to measure and asses Sales and Marketing performance. 

  • applicable Sales & Marketing Tactics.

  • pros & cons of the tactics.

  • estimated cost/effect ratio of strategies.

  • rock & roll frameworks and tools :)

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Stage no 1

Your Company's and Your Commercial Activities Analysis and Audit 


This is a critical third-party overview of your current business positioning.  

It will give you an understanding of your business environment, competition and your own company. 


We will analyse your strengths and weaknesses and look for opportunities to leverage your business.  




Most of us are busy doing urgent things. That makes us forget about our clients, strategic goals and business environment, we do things randomly, and sometimes we do not know why we do them or what results they bring. 


Let’s set the scene to be ready for an exciting journey. 


  • internal audit using market research tools.

  • a session with you during which we ask you essential questions. 


With those chunks of information, we prepare an actionable report. 

Our Clients say those reports are fundamental in your future onboarding processes for employees and business partners. 


It lasts around one week to deliver a complete report.


Strategy Crafting

You and us, together, will develop a SMART Strategy to Grow Your Tech Company.


  • The strategy will be a way to do business with ideal clients most effectively.

  • The strategy will protect your company from wasting time and money on pointless tactics and activities. 

  • We will help you build the brand you want to have.

  • Communicate to companies you want to work with.

  • Recruit talents that will share your vision.

  • Partner with companies that will boost your chances to succeed

This is a 3-step process. 


Step 1: We mutually work on your company's short- and long-term goals. 


Step 2: GrowMy.Tech will build a strategic plan proposal with a clear road map and a broader work scope that applies to your business. 


Step 3: Iteration of strategic plan proposal with you and your team, which follows with crafting the final strategic document that will serve as a roadmap for executions in the next stage. 

Without strategy… there are only poor-quality leads

Stage no 2
Stage no 3
guidance and support

Strategy Execution

You can implement the strategy independently, but as the devil is in details, we are here to clear your way.

  • We will take care of monitoring and analysing the results.

  • We will help your team to do retrospectives and plan the next steps.

  • We will equip your team with the tools.

There is nothing to lose—everything to gain.


GrowMy.Tech acts as a guide and advisor in the implementation process. We meet twice a month to evaluate what has been done and plan and instruct on the next steps. 

We work with a person from your organisation who is a project manager for sales and marketing processes. It might be you or a person from your team.  



If by some means you cannot allocate resources to handle planned tactics, you can use our outsourcing services to execute the road map. GrowMy.Tech works with trusted consultants and partners to provide the best possible service. 

Stage no 4

Book a free one-hour meeting to discuss your needs and to check how GrowMy.Tech can help your business grow.

We have helped to plan, start and execute marketing strategies for demanding software companies:

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🚀 Custom software development companies.

🚀 Python software development company.

🚀 Blockchain and crypto companies.


🚀 B2B software companies.

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