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The service is designed in a way you get understanding of B2B marketing and sales processes and to help you kick-off fast.

To say it upfront, what marketing and sales by GrowMy.Tech means:

  • knowledge of your client, understanding their needs and problems.

  • thinking about services, products and communication from the perspective of your client. Only.

  • be self-aware of what you are great at and where you need support.  

  • you and your client is the same team. Always win-win. 

The process is divided into four main phases: 

Setting the Scene


Crafting Strategy


Book a free one-hour meeting to discuss your needs and to check how GrowMy.Tech can help your business grow.

Stage one: Setting the scene

Your software company is getting bigger and delivers high-quality projects. So, it is time to scale it up and secure a pipeline of incoming projects. 


Before we dig into data, strategy, tactics, goals and execution, we need to set up the scene: 

  • to agree on what marketing and sales are. 

Marketing and sales are no hyper-effective hacks and tricks that change your situation overnight. Instead, it is a consistent and data-supported process of building trust between your company, your prospects and clients. Main point. 


  • to decide if our work is needed to grow the company, stabilise the flow of projects or other goals of yours. 

Before we create a sound growth strategy for your company, it is critical to formulating a big picture for your business. This is the only general statement we will create, after that there will be only SMART goals. For you, it is important to know what your company should be in 5 years and what needs of yours we are securing? 


  • to set time frame and budget. 

There are plenty of tactics, tools and ways to achieve B2B marketing and sales goals. Inbound marketing requires more time and resources at the beginning but might bring the best results in the long run. In contrast, outbound and paid media can bring results faster, but cannot be treated as a fully functional business strategy. Time and available budget determine what kind of tactics should be considered in the first place.  


Stage two: Analysis

At Analysis stage, we go deep into your company and its business environment, almost like internal due diligence :). The result will be having a clear and impartial overview of your company. This is a starting point to crafting strategy.  


  • Analytics

  • Content Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Technical SEO

  • Social Media

  • Web Copy


  • Brand Vision

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Positioning




Stage three: Strategy crafting

At this stage, we are equipped with complete knowhow and actionable insights. It’s time to build your company strategy. We will start from a big picture, where you want to go and what your company should be in 5 years horizon. It is not trivial. It will position your company. Then we will focus on your ideal client, your market, communication and all necessary steps to build a powerful plan. The plan will be ready to take and execute.


  • Google Ads

  • Landing Pages & Pillar Pages

  • Social Ads

  • Video Ads

  • Retargeting

  • Content Marketing

  • Outreach


  • Target Market

  • Customer Segments

  • Ideal Customer Profile

  • Buyer Personas

  • Customer Journey 


  • Marketing Funnel

  • Sales Funnel

  • Recruitment planning


  • SMART Goals


Stage four: Execution - Preparations, Recruitment & Operations


We have everything analysed, planned and structured. To run your marketing and sales you need content and tools. Those are the fuel to your machine.

Content will be different on each step of your clients’ journey, will be different once it supports your client at the buying process or your sales need it to run a meeting or structure an offer. Proper tools will make your work much faster and be more effective. 


Having that you and your team are ready to go. If you need further help with implementations, measuring and simply verifying if everything goes well do not worry. You will get support on this end too.  


  • CRM

  • SEO

  • Google Suite (Analytics, Tag Manager, Ads) 

  • LinkedIn,

  • Facebook,

  • Marketplaces.


  • Content Marketing

  • Buyer Enablement Content

  • Sales Enablement Content 


  • Skills and Knowledge Matrix

  • Recruitment support


  • Support in operations 


short consultation

  • Up to 10 hours. Ad hoc consultation.

  • Choose to discuss particular topics. Review your plan, results or tactics of yours.

  • Great for people who seek external verification and advise on already running processes or initiatives. 

interim growth manager

  • 30 hours per month. Minimum three months contract. 

  • Structuring and Facilitation for the Stages: Marketing and Sales Introduction, Analysis, Strategy Crafting, Preparations for the Execution.

  • Best for companies that know they need marketing and sales to scale up but do not know where to start and do not want to engage fully financially at the very beginning.

extended interim growth manager

  • Up to 60 hours per month. Minimum three months contract. 

  • Facilitation and Operational Support for the Stages: Marketing and Sales Introduction, Analysis, Strategy Crafting, Preparations for the Execution, Recruitment and Operations. 

  • Best for those who know they should have started marketing and sales yesterday and now need to speed up.

Book a free one-hour meeting to discuss your needs and to check how GrowMy.Tech can help your business grow.