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Workshop on B2B marketing for IT Companies

Executive Summary


Simone, a freelance developer from Italy, struggled to carve out a niche for his new software agency. He was unsure of how to choose a niche, communicate with potential clients, and generate new business. Through a targeted B2B marketing workshop, consulting sessions, and structured sales activities, Simone was able to identify his niche, refine his website, and implement a simplified marketing strategy.





Marcin Małaszuk




Simone was a talented freelance developer operating out of Italy. He faced the common challenge of many freelancers—how to transform his freelance business into a specialized software agency. With the vast landscape of IT services, finding a niche seemed daunting. Simone needed a way to differentiate himself and attract the right clients.

The Problem

Before reaching out for assistance, Simone encountered several key challenges:

  • Identifying a Niche: Simone understood the importance of focusing on a specific market segment but was uncertain about how to choose one.

  • Communication: He struggled with how to effectively communicate his services to a niche audience.

  • Client Acquisition: Simone, was confused which tactics to use to generatr new business.

These challenges left Simone feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to take his freelance business to the next level.

The Solution - B2B Marketing Workshop

To address these challenges, a comprehensive approach was implemented through a B2B marketing workshop specifically designed for IT firms. 

Watch Simone Devoti viedo testimonial on the workshop and our cooperation. 

This workshop and next steps included: 

Frameworks on Finding a Niche

The workshop provided various frameworks to help Simone identify potential niches. These frameworks guided him through market research, competitor analysis, and profiling ideal clients. This structured approach allowed Simone to make informed decisions about which niches to test.

Customer Journey Mapping

Understanding the customer journey was crucial. The workshop emphasized the importance of mapping out the entire customer experience, from initial awareness to post-purchase support. This helped Simone understand where he could add value and differentiate his services.

Landscape of Tools and Tactics

Simone was introduced to a variety of tools and tactics available for marketing and sales in the IT industry. This included digital marketing tools, CRM systems, and project management software. Equipping Simone with this knowledge empowered him to leverage technology to streamline his processes.

Consulting Session on Marketing and Sales Strategy

Post-workshop, a consulting session was conducted to help Simone build a simplified marketing and sales strategy tailored for a micro company. This involved:

  • Creating a workbook to upgrade his website, ensuring it resonated with his chosen niche.

  • Developing a three-step plan for sales enablement content, making it easier for Simone to engage potential clients.

  • Structuring outbound and sales activities to reach out to potential clients.

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The implementation of these solutions brought following improvements to Simone's business:

  • Niche Identification: Simone successfully identified and tested several niches, focusing his efforts on those with the highest potential.

  • Website Upgrade: The workbook provided clear guidelines to transform his website, creating a professional image that appealed to his target audience.

  • Sales Enablement: The three-step sales content plan streamlined his approach to client engagement, making it more effective.

  • Structured Sales Activities: A well-defined structure for outbound and sales activities resulted in more consistent and successful client acquisitions.

Client Testimonial


Today's marketing offers a wide spectrum of potential activities you can engage in, tools you can use, and tactics and processes you can apply. It is confusing not only for technical founders but for marketers as well. We observe campaigns, ads, and activities on the market that are not applicable for B2B clients. Sometimes, marketers attempt to duplicate overlooked B2C tactics into the B2B tech world. That is why we have created a workshop that guides confused business owners and marketers through B2B marketing in the IT business.

Ready to transform your business like Simone did? Book a demo with our team today and discover how we can help you achieve your goals.

Simone SDSoftware Founder's Review on Clutch. The review is about B2B markting workshop for IT firms.

Book a free one-hour meeting to discuss your needs and to check how GrowMy.Tech can help your business grow.

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