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AI-driven Marketing on for Custom Software Development, Blockchain & IT companies

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

For whom is this blog:

  • For software development companies and software housues working on their marketing strategy.

  • For service companies searching for new channels or growing their business on

You will find here:

  • Introduction to rate & review platforms.

  • Information about Cluch.

  • Overview of marketing and positioning methods available on

  • Clutch AI & SmartMatch: New features to grow the business on Clutch.

Introduction to marketing on rate & review platforms

65% of B2B Buyers use third-party reviews to vet and hire service providers.

In today's digital age, rate and review platforms and marketplaces have become indispensable tools for businesses to gain visibility and credibility. These platforms invest heavily in search engine optimization (SEO) to secure top rankings on the most competitive keywords, making it challenging for individual companies to compete with them on their own.

As a result, many businesses are left with a choice - either compete with these giants or harness the reach and influence of these platforms to grow their business. In this article, we explore the dynamics of this new reality and offer insights into how businesses can thrive in this evolving marketing landscape. - what is it, and what is behind

Clutch is a platform that allows buyers and decision-makers to discover and evaluate the best software development, blockchain companies and other professional IT services providers. It's a well-known resource for those who are looking for new or reliable vendors in the industry.

Clutch is US Washington based, the go-to platform for decision-makers looking for new software development vendors. It's perceived as a trusted source of relevant data that allows companies to accurately assess providers, compare their offerings and make informed decisions on who they should partner with. This makes it an invaluable resource for custom software development companies, blockchain companies and other professional IT service providers for marketing opportunities.

Clutch is not only one portal but is a group of rate & review websites:

In their communication, Clutch presents two counts of listed companies on the platform; it's around 150 000 or 260 000 (a small room for a mistake 😂 ). There are more than 1200 categories and lists, including custom software development, blockchain solutions and other IT services.

They have 5 basic categories: Design, Advertising & Marketing, IT Services & Solutions, Business Services, and Web & Software Development.

There are 19 subcategories for Development and 6 subcategories for IT services. US Cities, Global locations, Focus Areas and Certifications further narrow them down. That's the way to the number 1200.

Multiplicity of Categories and Subcategories on gives a lot of Marketing Opportunities.
Source: Clutch. Categories and Subcategories from Navigation Bar

Clutch says that they get 1 million potential visiting buyers per month, which is highly probable as Similarweb claims the website received 1.8 million visits in May 2023. The number of pages per visit and average visit duration are other quite strong indicators for the platform.

Similar Web is a tool to do a marketing research that brings insights on websites traffic
Source: Similarweb

It's a comprehensive resource that connects buyers with suppliers from across the globe.

Building and marketing Software Development Company Profile on Clutch.

There are two basic strategies to build visibility on Clutch. These are paid (Cluth+; Sponsorship) and organic.

  • Organic positioning focuses on creating your company profile, gradually improving your visibility through getting new reviews, and optimising your profile according to your chosen strategy. Your high organic position will be visible on the 'Leaders Matrix' in each category and subcategory.

Leaders Matrix is a marketing positioning tool to get into with organic postioning
Source: Clutch - Leaders Matrix for Top Software Development Companies

  • Paid (sponsorship) is the option for companies who want to get an edge over their competitors and stand out from the crowd faster. It's a great way to get more exposure and be seen by potential buyers. There are three basic ways of getting higher on Clutch with paid ads, with Clutch+ as a relatively fresh opportunity. gives wide range of marketing paid opportunities. There are Clutch+, Sponsorships etc.
Source: Clutch - Get Noticed

In summary, companies getting the most from Clutch use a combination of organic and paid positioning to improve their marketing and attract customers. Due to the high level of competition on the platform, creating a generic profile is insufficient to stand out. Instead, companies must conduct research and select their niche to get meaningful results and effectively compete with other businesses.

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Significant changes have taken place on the platform in recent years. As you know, Clutch is constantly evolving, which means their services, offers, and pricing can also change.

Some time ago, companies with limited marketing budgets could invest in a short-term promotion through the 'Starter' package, which was an excellent way to test the platform.

However, about a year ago (sometime in 2022), Clutch introduced Clutch+, a primary contract requiring a 12-month investment.

In Q1 of 2023, Clutch introduced the SmartMatch tool, which aims to help potential buyers by providing them with up to five shortlisted companies that match their needs.

And in May 2023, Clutch introduced Clutch AI, a powerful search tool that helps potential buyers navigate the platform more easily.

Let's explore the latest two tools from our favourite rate & review platform.


In Q1 2023, the platform brought a feature called SmartMatch to the world. It aims to help potential buyers get a short list of companies that best match their requirements.

SmartMatch is a manual search tool to get a shortlist of potential IT vendors

SmartMatch is the alternative to the search through the navigation bar, which might be confusing and time-consuming. With SmartMatch, your potential buyers can fill in a short questionnaire.

SmartMatch project form allows clients to do quick filtering.
Source: - SmartMatch

To get desired results ❤️❤️❤️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

An example of SmartMatch shortlist presenting the best marketing strategy agencies. GrowMy.Tech
Source: Clutch - The Best Marketing Strategy Agencies - GrowMy.Tech

It is a simple solution and what the clients are looking for.

Introducing Clutch AI

Clutch, in May 2023, launched ClutchAI, a new feature on their platform that will make it easier for clients of software development companies to find the right fit. ClutchAI is an AI search tool that acts like Chat-GPT and helps shorten and improve the research process. It gathers review data and displays search results based on customer data points.

Clutch AI logotype

As clients search for options on the platform, they will be presented with shortlists of highly-rated vendors based on their specific criteria. Additionally, in future, this feature will allow software development companies to showcase their services and portfolio in a more concise way.

Please watch a short video in which I am testing and reviewing the tool:

This means that customers can quickly and easily identify the most suitable software development companies for their projects.

For software houses and custom software development companies, they should immediately focus on their Clutch marketing tactic.

Clutch lists the following key capabilities of ClutchAI:

  • It uses interactive Q&A to guide clients through their project scope and requirements.

  • Links clients to relevant service pages on Clutch to quickly find the right category of providers.

  • Helps clients narrow down to a shortlist of qualified providers based on their speciality focus areas, industry expertise, location, budget range, and more.

  • Automatically suggests providers tailored to their business based on reviews of successful projects they’ve completed for similar businesses.

Sonny Ganguly (CEO @ Clutch) quotes Wayne Gretzky:

“A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.”

to stress that Clutch always pushes to play where their customers are going to be. Now it is time of AI power searches. They might not be perfect, but that is a direction on how decision-makers search for information as of now.

Conclusion on marketing on

In conclusion, Clutch is an invaluable resource for software development companies and blockchain firms that want to improve their visibility and reach more potential clients. Through paid sponsorships and organic listings, companies can create a profile that showcases their services and portfolio in a more concise way. Now with the new addition of Clutch's AI and SmartMatch search tools, decision-makers have access to more accurate results quickly and easily, making the process of finding a qualified provider even more straightforward.

However, like all marketing platforms, Clutch requires experience to effectively take advantage of its features. With the right combination of organic and sponsored listings, software development companies can make their presence known on Clutch and reach potential customers searching for their services.

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