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GrowMy.Tech - A One Stop Solution for B2B Marketing: Marcin Małaszuk

Cover image for interview with Marcin Małaszuk from GrowMy.Tech

GrowMy.Tech specializes in providing fractional CMO and digital marketing services for IT firms. With years of accumulated experience, the company has a deep understanding of the tech and B2B sectors. The company finds it challenging and enjoyable in parallel to driving quality marketing leads and successful conversions for global businesses. Whether it is about implementing new marketing strategies or planning global expansion, this company is known to provide professional services that drive desirable outcomes. They use the right technology and innovative methods & tactics to ensure the success of their clients and take their business to the next level.

Marcin Małaszuk - Founder of GrowMy.Tech works as a Fractional CMO and consultant for many global B2B companies and startups. He is also contributing towards the impeccable digital marketing services that his company provides to IT startups and enterprises. CurrentlyGrowMy.Tech is a prominent name in the list of the top digital marketing companies in Poland.

GoodFirms' experts got an opportunity to interview Marcin Malaszuk and learn more about him and GrowMy. Tech's combined achievements. Let's have a look at the excerpts of the interview.

Company Introduction and Role of CMO

GrowMy.Tech is known for its fractional CMO and digital marketing services. They serve small IT and software companies specializing in B2B marketing. Also, they provide consulting services to their clients to ensure that they get exactly what they want. Marcin Małaszuk personally looks after fractional CMO jobs and also supports his team to translate client's ideas to successfully proven tactics and processes required to execute the same.

Story Behind Inception

Marcin Małaszuk said that his forte in marketing for IT and experience in logistics led him to start two tech startups that deliver solutions to B2B logistics companies. During this journey of sustaining startups and growing them, he gained experience in dealing with clients and vendors from the IT industry. This is where the idea of starting my own company that specializes in marketing and CMO services for the IT industry stepped in, and the rest is history.

Business Model

The business model that the company follows is hybrid. They believe in developing internal skills but, at the same time, take help from their close network and partners. They customize their proposals for every client differently as they understand every business is unique and one marketing strategy may not work for another. This can cause scalability issues for them but still gives them the satisfaction of implementing effective strategies for their clients that can drive success.


Marcin Małaszuk said that the biggest competitive advantage they have is their ability to understand and act according to their target audience. Another key differentiating factor of the company is flexibility in the services they deliver to their clients. These two factors make them unique from their competitors and lead them towards exponential growth.


Most of the clients of GrowMy.Tech is a small IT company. Some of these clients build SaaS solutions. Marcin said that they have a high client retention rate as a significant portion of their clients are repetitive.

Marcin Małaszuk tells that all clients in GrowMy.Tech are from IT. Most of them are B2B service IT firms, some are SaaS firms.

Marketing Services

Marcin said that the most popular services that their clients approach them for are content marketing, SEO, PPC, online reputation management, outbound marketing, and establishing their social media presence. These services help them overcome challenges like international expansion, increasing sales, enhancing customer journeys, and more. They also provide web design and development services to boost their online presence. Basically, they provide 360-degree marketing services specifically tailored to their clients, including professional IT services firms.

Customer Satisfaction

Marcin Małaszuk informed that in most cases, their clients approach them to overcome their specific challenges, like starting their marketing and sales from the ground up or international expansion. These projects take at least one to two years to complete and during that time they craft effective strategies after conducting rigorous analytical and research work. Aeam of skilled marketing professionals at GrowMyTech ensures to deliver ultimate customer satisfaction by helping them generate more revenue and transition from fractional service to full-time marketing manager.

Testimonial provided by Sebastian Horoszko from on interim management and fractional CMO services provided by GrowMy.Tech

Arpit Kumar from Build To Serve, shares his great experience working getting their business consulted with GrowMy.Tech

Customer Support

GrowMy.Tech team members ensure to be in touch with their clients consistently. Their focus is completely on their client's needs, and so they keep on communicating with them in order to address their issues effectively and ensure that they get resolved.

Fractional CMO succeed when ask, listen and learn. Client understanding is a key to success.

Payment Structure

Marcin said that they follow a monthly price structure and bill their clients based on the service packages they have opted for. However, they can also be flexible enough to offer time and material pricing in some cases.

Pricing Packages

Marcin Małaszuk said that they charge a minimum of 2000 EUR for a fractional CMO. They charge 1500 EUR for consultancy services. Their digital marketing services are estimated on a case to case basis. Also, their Google Ads campaign price starts from 500 EUR.

Future Vision

The company's vision is to drive success for our clients that includes tech companies to transform from local ventures into internationally established brands. Marcin said that with technology getting updated everyday, it is difficult to predict the future but they foresee their portfolio being globally recognizable.

GrowMy.Tech transforms small IT service firms into international ones, Marcin Małaszuk Fractional CMO says.

This was the synopsis of the conversation between Marcin Małaszuk and GoodFirms' experts. You can also go through the complete interview here.

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