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Featured Listing from Clutch: A Full Guide on New Positioning for Software Agencies

For whom is this blog:

  • For software development companies and software housues working on their marketing strategy.

  • For service companies searching for new channels or growing their business on

You will find here and in the video:

  • What is Clutch platform?

  • Understanding positioning on Clutch: Basic (Organic), Clutch+, Sponsorships

  • Understanding Featured Listings - New positioning opportunity from Clutch

  • Hierarchy and logic of Clutch positioning

  • Why Featured Listings might be a good choice?


The professional services industry is rapidly evolving, and with it, the ways businesses look to position themselves to gain a competitive edge. Among the key players facilitating this evolution is Clutch, a highly regarded platform for professional service reviews with a keen focus on areas such as software development, DevOps, and design.


One major development that has recently unfolded at Clutch is the introduction of a new feature, known as positioning functionality, that went live on August 1st 2023.

This feature is a game-changer for software service providers aiming to broaden their reach across various geographies.

It offers an avenue to connect with more decision-makers and expand business potential if employed effectively.

A full VIDEO Guide on New Positioning opportunities for software DEVELOPMENT COMPANIES

To assist businesses navigate this new feature, a comprehensive video tutorial has been developed. The tutorial discusses the diverse levels of positioning options on Clutch, from Basic (Organic) and Clutch+, to Sponsorships and the newly launched Featured Listings service.

Stay ahead of the curve by understanding how these positioning options work and how they can be manipulated to your advantage. For in-depth insights, make sure to watch the video tutorial. Looking forward to your feedback and happy to answer any questions you may have. Keep innovating and stay tuned for more updates.

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Take control of your Clutch profile and book a meeting with us. We will help you build your market presence to earn more and grow faster...

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