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It's to say hi and stay tuned!

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

The first bloody good blog post on B2B marketing and Sales will be here by 4th of Jan at 6 am sharp, so stay tuned!

Hi! I'm Marcin from GrowMy.Tech. Thanks for checking this Blog section. I'm doing my best to give you full of fash and actionable information content about Marketing and Sales for CEE Software Houses and B2B Tech Startups!

“I appeciate you are here. Really. 100%”

GrowMy.Tech went live on 22nd of November 8:20 PM CET. Yupi! This is an MVP version with only must-haves on it.

Remember that picture below? It shows how a startup shall be built. No deepwater jumps. I am to the left of a skateboard :)

That will change soon. The GrowMy.Tech will be the best place of knowledge about Marketing and Sales for Software Houses and B2B Startups from the CEE region. If you'd like to hear once a new piece of content will be rolled out, please sign up for a newsletter or leave your email using the contact form.

Take care!

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