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Read how Web3 & blockchain custom software company implemented a new website and laser-sharp communication. 





Nextrope logotype
Marcin Małaszuk



Top experts in Blockchain and Web3

If you would like to see an example of a highly specialized company you need to spend some time researching Nextrope. 


Nextrope is a 100% blockchain and web3-focused software development company from Poland. 


The team is so crypto and so blockchain that they cannot be more. 


It’s important for you to know that those guys, as the first in Poland, delivered public Blockchain in the banking sector and they organized one of the first ICOs worldwide. 


Got it?

The problem:

After improved performance on Clutch and content marketing the company required refreshing and updating on main communication on the website. 


The former website was clear and understandable but it presented Nextrope as a general software development company like thousand other, similar companies. No specialization, no unfair advantage, little information about blockchain and web3. That was a significant problem.

Client's old version of website

That was a structural problem for a company with 99% of delivered projects being based on blockchain technology. 


The quick solution was slight improvement of communication on the old version of the website, that included H1, H2 and some blocks to be updated.

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What we have done:

Grow My tech was after initial stage analysis, Clutch marketing, SEO and content marketing fix. We had complete information about USP, communication and company strategy. 


The small ‘refreshing’ project started, but just after initial work on website structure, content and first design project, the scope of the project had changed. 


A shift in communication requires a restructuring of a website. Doing so, Nextrope management decided to redesign its look as well. 


Grow My Tech was responsible for new website structure, SEO strategy, content and website logic. 


For the graphic design and web development part Grow My Tech acted as project manager, coordinating and being responsible for the final outcome of work. 


We took approach of building topic clusters around service and product pillar pages.

Client's updated servieces

Work included redesign and restructuring of case studies.


Work on a new website from a decision to start to deployment took approximately 5 months.

Client's new desktop website design
Client's new mobile website version.
Client's new mobile website with social proof and niched down communication

In Grow My Tech we are very happy and proud with the outcome of this project. 


Take your time and check Nextrope’s new website. Do you like it?

Final thought: 


It is easy to underestimate work on a website. In default it should be treated as a big project and with high priority.

Book a free one-hour meeting to discuss your needs and to check how GrowMy.Tech can help your business grow.

Client's old case study version
Alior Bank - Case Study - Nextrope.png
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