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Solving structural problems of an early stage tech company - Fractional CMO or Fractional Marketing Manager.





Marcin Małaszuk



What is is a rate and review SaaS company delivering service to e-commerce firms in Poland. The company is technologically supported by eKomi - one of the top european players in rate & review category. It helps e-commerce firms to gather transactional and authentic users rates and reviews.



The company had been on the market for three years before they hired us. It has been a heavily sales oriented company with an effective sales team focusing on outbound activities. 


The co-founder of the company planned and managed all the company's main activities, which included business development, sales, human resources, hiring, finance and marketing. 


Does this sound like what you are currently doing?

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But even as such, the co-founder found it harder to supervise the entire marketing activities with the company getting traction and sales coming in. 


And since it was in the early stage of development, they needed consulting and interim management services the most.

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The requirements

To solve their structural problems, Zaufane was required to audit their marketing activities and take over planning and management of the department. 


The company had already worked on the following:

  • blog

  • social media - facebook presence

  • paid ads campaigns

Company positioning & ideal client analysis

The fundamental part of the project was delivering a detailed analysis of the company's competitive environment, strengths and weaknesses, market trends, existing clients and lost opportunities.

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This process allowed us to build commercial KPIs and a detailed profile of their ideal client, which will help in future planning and prioritization of marketing tactics. 


To manage all marketing activities and bring them to the shape faster, they hired Grow My Tech team. 


We started off with undertaking a competitive analysis and marketing strategy planning. The main targets were:

  • To build a brand image appealing to ideal client profile

  • To generate high quality organic traffic leveraging SEO

  • To manage internal and external marketing teams

  • To take away the responsibility of marketing planning and execution from the founder hence allowing him to focus on other aspects of company operation  


This is what we did to achieve the goals that we set earlier: 

  • We planned a consistent content strategy based on competitive analysis, keywords analysis, and topic clusters

  • We leveraged social media as a tool to distribute content, build awareness among other e-commerce companies, and get better awareness on the market.  

  • Developed a new website that communicate to the ICP 

  • Undertook paid advertising management;

  • Manage new initiatives and business opportunities - in other words marketing operations.

Zaufane marketing scope desktop.png

First thing was a detailed audit and analysis that resulted in our strategic decisions. Once having that sorted out, Marcin took over communication planning, content and new website planning with management and execution.
It is like having a very senior marketing manager without investing in full and expensive FTE.

Seba bez ret.png

Sebastian Horoszko
Co-founder @


It is fulfilling to state that we attained all the goals we had in place - thanks to Zaufane and partners’ teams' involvement and dedication. 


After one year and a couple of months, is a recognizable brand on the Polish e-commerce market with a powerful social media presence, a resourceful blog that attracts more and more readers, and at a great position to become the main player in the Polish rate & review market. 

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Book a free one-hour meeting to discuss your needs and to check how GrowMy.Tech can help your business grow.

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