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Uber for freight forwarding | Forwado

Marketplace connecting both sides of full track road transportaion market.

We help people working in logistics departments to organize road transportation in an effective, affordable and transparent way, by providing web application. At one can get price and transportation organized within few minutes. Forget about time and effort consuming phone calls and emails. 

On the other hand, carriers working with us get new loads and attractive terms of cooperation. Due to state of art software they get informed about transports they are interested, pick it up, track and trace and communicate with a driver. 

Everything goes Forwado.

The idea for the project came from an industry investor who sought a way to make an impact on the transportation market in Europe. 

We have run numerous experiments to check if a uber-like model is likely to be adopted in full-track freight forwarding. 

The model main two assumptions were:

  1. upfront payments for the transportation;

  2. seamless and limited in-app communication between shippers and transportation companies.

The outcome of the test made a mutual agreement between the shareholders, the investor and the management to close the business. 

Here you can watch a presentation of the project delivered at Impact Mobility Revolution in 2018 in Katowice (Poland).

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