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Learn how Zaufane achieved a 1500% increase in organic impressions and a 2150% increase in clicks within 12 months leveraging the power of content marketing and SEO.





Marcin Małaszuk



Most B2B SaaS companies are either not leveraging the power of content marketing to grow their businesses or are doing it inappropriately with misaligned content goals and lacking a streamlined content marketing plan. 

In this case study, you will understand how we helped Zaufane get this right, increase the number of targeted web visitors landing on their website per month and conversions.

What is

Zaufane is a Polish company in the e-commerce space. The company collects ratings and reviews from clients once the transaction between the e-commerce firms and clients happens. 


In the process, helps to manage all issues connected with rate & review marketing, protect their clients against negative fake reviews meant to harm its reputation, and recommends the best e-commerce firms based on the rates and reviews collected.



Even though the company had been on the market for three years and had ambitious targets to deliver to the market, it needed the support of their marketing department to achieve those targets.  


The company operated on a MVP-like website, run content marketing that was not supervised or streamlined, and had a disengaged social media audience. 


And since they wanted to increase their traffic and conversions, they needed a winning marketing plan and someone to manage the execution process.

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This was the strategy we came up with 

After conducting a brand audit, we developed a complex communication and content marketing plan as well as aligning the overall strategy with the management team. 


These are the steps we took:


1. We structured a new form of communication on the corporate website that was re-designed and built on a new structure, logic and copy. The idea was to deliver web pages for dedicated topics and clients’ profiles supported by blog posts.  

Zaufane struktura.png

2. All the copy on the website and on each blog post were created based on detailed analysis of clients FAQs, their priorities, rate & review global competitor analysis and keyword analysis. 


3. The preparation process ended up with the introduction of a content calendar with clearly defined list of blog posts and requirements, which included key words, backlinks, lengths, complementary marketing assets like infographics, pictures, etc.. 

Zaufane - blog planning.png

4. One of the essential aspects of content is it should be user-centric. That means the experience of the end user was paramount in crafting the content strategy. Thus, we ensured the blog posts keep the readers engaged by delivering reader-friendly content in a numerous ways: document structure, text style, graphics, navigation etc.

Zaufane blog formatowanie.png
Zaufane blog formatowanie 2.png

These are the results of our strategy

As a result of hard mutual work between the and GrowMy.Tech team we executed the strategy and came up with the following results. 

1. A 2150% increase in organic traffic

Let’s compare year over year results with the greatest focus on organic traffic (May 2021 vs May 2022). 


Clicks: From 200 users per month to 4500 users per month. It is a 2150% increase.

Zaufane kliknięcia.png

2. A 1500% increase in impressions

Before we executed the strategy above, the impressions were 14,000. Once we executed the strategy, the impressions rose to 224, 000. That’s a 1500% up.

Zaufane impressions.png

3. Average position on Google changed from 30th to 10th

125 key words that presented on the top 1-3 results on Google. The list of keywords and google queries that is positioned on the top of search is a targeted and selected list. 

First thing was a detailed audit and analysis that resulted in our strategic decisions. Once having that sorted out, Marcin took over communication planning, content and new website planning with management and execution.
It is like having a marketing manager without investing in full FTE.

Seba bez ret.png

Sebastian Horoszko
Co-founder @

Book a free one-hour meeting to discuss your needs and to check how GrowMy.Tech can help your business grow.

We empowered the Zaufane’s team with tools that help to:

  • Write both reader engaging and browser friendly content. These are dedicated copywriting tools that enhance better performance and faster writing process. 

  • Analyse technical SEO and fix all issues and errors on spot. 


Finally, we set a framework for social media activity. Main purpose of which was to build awareness of the company among potential clients and complementary to our businesses at mediums where our targets are more active.  

Zaufane - social selling.png
Zaufane ZDW.png
Zaufane blog dystrybucja.png
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